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Pelletier & Associates has over 20 years of experience in the field of workplace ergonomics. We specialize in delivering premier ergonomic services at among the most competitive rates in the Ergonomics Overviewindustry. We are constantly updating our staff’s certifications, and we continuously integrate our field experiences back into our proprietary Ergo Toolset, both for ourselves and for our clients who also use these technology products.

A regular exhibitor and speaker at the National Ergonomics Conference in Las Vegas, we focus on providing practical and effective solutions to the most common ergonomics issues facing a variety of industries. We work with organizations ranging in size from small businesses with just a handful of employees all the way up to large public agencies with well established ergonomics programs and tens of thousands of employees.

National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition
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Although well versed with the latest ergonomic products and vendors, Pelletier & Associates does not sell ergonomic products, nor do we broker relationships with any vendors or manufacturers. Where existing relationships exist between vendors and our clients, we will gladly support the recommendations of products within established purchasing channels. If asked to do so, we will gladly refer our clients to vendors that have proven that they can deliver top notch products with great customer service.

By maintaining this product policy, we distinguish ourselves in the industry as unbiased and able to make the best product recommendations for any given situation. For many evaluations we find that adjustments and on-site counsel with the employee are all that is required. We understand that recommending extraneous products does not serve either the employee or the employer, and we will work with unused but functionally appropriate ergonomic equipment wherever possible.

Pelletier & Associates brings an extensive workers’ compensation background to bear in the delivery of our ergonomics services. We are well versed in the subtleties of managing workplace injuries. We employ all means to bring workers’ compensation claims to a close as soon as possible and to minimize an employer’s continued exposure to an injury claim.

Let us help in keeping your “industrial athletes” productive and injury free.

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