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In the world of work there are two facts that we know for sure: When employees are in discomfort, they are less productive and when employees experience unresolved discomfort, there is a high probability of injury. At Pelletier & Associates, we have developed a thorough and comprehensive system of worksite analysis that identifies the risk factors that contribute to an employee’s discomfort, as well as practical recommendations that address the problems. Targeting both the seated and non-seated workstations, our evaluators are well versed in the research and identification of solutions for ergonomic hazards in the workplace. By merging our technology services with the expertise of our evaluators, we bring new dimensions to the ergonomic evaluation process as well as the potential for greatly increased and effective outreach.Manufacture Worker

Our worksite evaluation includes:

  • Management of all scheduling activities
  • Customized pain & discomfort surveys
  • On-site employee interviews including a review of neutral postures
  • On-site equipment and postural adjustments
  • Risk Factor data analysis
  • Photographs
  • Three phase Metrics Tracking
  • Customized, comprehensive report with recommendations including:
    • Immediate no or low cost solutions
    • Tiered, state-of-the-art product recommendations
  • Report delivery and notification through our convenient and easy-to-use Web Portal
  • In-person, telephonic, and/or electronic follow-up

By addressing issues of discomfort in the workplace, employers can prevent more debilitating injuries that occur through repetitive motion activities. By increasing employee comfort, increased productivity is a natural outcome. At Pelletier & Associates, our goal is to help you keep your employees safe and productive at work.

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