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Are your employees engaged in heavy or repetitive lifting activities? Are you concerned about the number of back, shoulder and knee injuries that you are seeing within your workforce? Offering training in safe lifting techniques is one way to combat the negative impact lifting activities can cause in the workplace. This type of training is best offered on a regular basis, with continued refreshers so that employees can be reminded of the proper way to use their body while lifting. At Pelletier & Associates we have provided customized training to organizations geared to addressing the issues of lifting in the workplace. Our Safe Lifting training program includes:Unsafe Lifting

  • Basic information on lifting in the workplace
  • Anatomy of the Back & shoulder
  • Common syndromes/symptoms
  • Body mechanicsSafe Lifting
  • Neutral postures
  • Proper lifting techniques
  • Stretching for the Workplace
  • Developing lifting guidelines

The effects of injuries, particularly back injuries, can be devastating to an employee. Provide your employees with useful, practical information that they can utilize immediately, to help avoid injuries today.

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