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Career Boost - Career Transition Workshop

With the current state of the economy, many individuals are without employment and are seeking ways to transition into a new career. But where do you start? Job seekers can be intimidated by the prospect of having to shift gears after having worked years, if not decades, in just one industry. How do you make the jump? Pelletier & Associates has provided career transition workshops to displaced workers and has had great success in not only providing specifics about how to begin the job search, but also motivation so that individuals feel that they are ready to take the necessary steps to move forward in their careers. We understand that finding that next career isnít only about getting a paycheck, itís about finding satisfaction through work. Topics covered in these workshops include:Time for Change

  • Identifying your personal values
  • Creating a path to transition to a new career
  • How to identify pertinent skills and abilities
  • How to conduct labor market research
  • How to conduct an effective job search
  • Job search techniques including resume development and interviewing skills

This fun, interactive workshop will offer self exploration and self discovery focused on identifying your strengths and abilities. We incorporate the True Colorsģ Personality System as a means to assist individuals in finding their work style and realizing the road to a new career. Pelletier & Associates also offers a variety of resources to our clients via our interactive website and website portal.

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