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At Pelletier & Associates, we are not solely focused on office work environments. We are aware that issues related to disability management target a variety of industries, and manufacturing/material handling environments have their fair share. With a myriad of safety concerns, many manufacturing companies are surprised to see their largest group of injuries may occur from repetitive motion activities. At Pelletier & Associates, we have developed customized training programs that focus on the unique needs of the manufacturing industry. With a different employee population, training programs must be interactive as well as educational. Pelletier & Associates has conducted a wide variety of such programs for individuals in just these types of industries.

Return-to-work issues are challenging, but may be even more so in the manufacturing/material handling environments. Our experience has offered us the opportunity to work with literally thousands of workers in hundreds of work settings. We have developed targeted solutions which result in the most successful outcomes, and, as with our other services, our processes help us to support those solutions. With an extensive knowledge of ergonomics, job accommodations as well as the workers’ compensation system, you can be assured that our staff has the tools to work effectively with your employees.

Partial Client List Includes:

  • CSI Electric
  • Mitsubishi Electric AutomotiveManufacturing
  • Maxum Petroleum
  • Morton Salt
  • Pavement Recycling Systems
  • United Fuel and Energy
  • United Water














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