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Injury Prevention - Ergonomic Electronic Surveys and Follow-Up Forms

As you may have guessed by now, our line of productivity tools are heavily geared toward helping the ergonomics professional. As an ergonomic service provider, we understand the need for methodologies that simplify data collection, standardize the ergonomic process, and generally extend the reach of limited ergonomics staff. Among the most impactful force multipliers we offer is Electronic Surveys and Follow-Up Forms.Electronic Surveys

How do they work?

These forms are .html documents that may be embedded as links within the body of an email. When the user receives the email, they simply click on the link, fill out the form, and hit submit. The form is then fully edited and then returned to one or more email addresses of your choice, where it can be printed out for future reference.

Our electronic forms offer all these benefits:

  • Evaluations can be preceded by a standardized questionnaire. The evaluator shows up for a face to face meeting with the employee, and many pertinent questions have already been answered.
  • Questionnaires can be used to augment your follow-up activities. In this way, they can be used as early warning devices to ensure that initial ergonomic intervention has been effective and that products have been ordered.
  • The employee is presented with simple, easy to use form that can be completed in less than a minute in many cases. It is mistake proof and generally sees a high return rate.
  • Administrative staff, not ergonomics staff, can administer the use of these forms. This can occur under the full control of your ergonomics staff.
  • Questionnaires are automatically routed back to one or more evaluators and/or and administrative assistants of your choice.
  • Electronic forms can be sent out in batches based on similarly scheduled activities. When initiated from within our Ergo Tracking Tool (purchased separately), the function of determining when and to whom the forms are sent is automatic. Some of the data returned on the survey can also be used within the Electronic Reporting Templates and forms a basis for metrics tracking within the Ergo Tracking Tool.

Can they be customized?

These forms are fully customizable. In fact, when setting up electronic forms, we always reconcile our forms with your organizationís ergonomic process to ensure a good fit. We consider things like what type of data is required to support your metrics, how does a survey compliment field checklists, and at what points in your process should the forms be sent.

If youíve never considered employing electronic surveys and questionnaires, now is the time. They are incredibly cost effective, and your ergonomics staff will recognize the time savings on day one. Once youíve used electronic forms, youíll wonder how you ever got by without them!

Electronic Surveys and Follow-Up Forms will be customized to fit your organizationís specific needs. With a minimal amount of effort on your part, your forms can be fully customized and up and running in about 2 weeks.

Electronic Surveys and Follow-Up Forms may be purchased separately or as a part of the complete Ergo Toolset.


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