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Injury Prevention - Employee Ergonomic Awareness Training

With all of the OSHA required training to deliver to your workforce, many employers are unfamiliar with California’s Ergonomic Standard (California Code of Regulations Section §5110 Repetitive Motion Injuries). This standard, which was implemented in 1997, is clear in identifying that employees must be provided training on repetitive motion injuries that offers information on the following: (A) The employer's program; (B) The exposures which have been associated with RMIs; (C) The symptoms and consequences of injuries caused by repetitive motion; (D) The importance of reporting symptoms and injuries to the employer; and (E) Methods used by the employer to minimize RMIs. Through our Basic Awareness Training, your employees benefit from our 15 years of experience providing ergonomics training in all varieties of workplaces. Whether in a manufacturing setting or office environment, allow us to show your workforce how proper ergonomics can contribute to a safer workplace. Our concise, interactive training covers basic ergonomic concepts for both the seated and non-seated work environments and allows your employees to see real world situations that relate to their positions within your company.

Our Basic Employee Awareness Training covers:

  • Program review
  • Ergonomic risk factors
  • Common symptoms and syndromes
  • Prevention of Repetitive Motion Injuries
  • Proper body mechanics/Safe lifting techniques
  • Stretches for the Workplace
  • Ergonomic Equipment Adjustments
  • Proper Equipment and Tool Usage

At Pelletier & Associates we have the expertise in providing effective, practical training to employees that will give them information that will raise their awareness about how to avoid repetitive motion injuries in the workplace and beyond. Our training is customized to your work environment, and deals with the tools, equipment, workspaces and job activities that your employees are using and performing daily. If you are looking for effective employee training programs, contact us today for an initial consultation of your training needs.



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Employee Ergonomic Awareness Training
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