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Over the years, Pelletier & Associates has had the opportunity to work with many organizations, and we have honed our skills in dealing with employees housed in office settings. We are aware that although we may have worked with hundreds of employees in seated workstations, each office worker’s specific job tasks can be as unique and varied as the software they work with or the processes they perform. We see the office worker as an individual, and we work to recognize the unique strengths that each person brings to their position. We also understand the importance of identifying specific job tasks, as we are keenly aware that individuals perform a variety of different functions, often contributing to a larger process.

With regards to ergonomics, we have developed a series of services that enables us to reach more individuals on a preventative basis, thereby minimizing the possibility of a repetitive motion injury occurring. We utilize technology in the form of automated scheduling, follow-up, surveys and other tools that allow us to gain better insight into the employee’s discomfort.

When it comes to return-to-work and job accommodations, our expertise in ergonomics, coupled with our workers’ compensation background has enabled us to bring qualitative, sustainable solutions to light that make sense and increase worker productivity and comfort.

Partial Client List Includes:

  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Judicial Council of California
  • University of California, Irvine
  • City of Rancho Cucamonga
  • Core Realty
  • Vacation Resorts International
  • Quinn Machinery

Office Ergonomics

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Ergonomic Services:
Worksite Evaluation
Worksite Audit
Stretch & Flex Programs Risk Specific Analysis

Employee Ergonomics Awareness

Ergonomics Manager/Supervisor
Ergonomics Train-the-Trainer
Interactive Process



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