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Ergonomics - Stretch and Flex Program Customized Stretch Materials

The type of stretch materials you choose for your program depends on how your employees will use them. The chart below explains the benefits of each document type along with its relative cost to both design and print.

Typically, 8 – 16 stretches are associated with functionally similar jobs are gathered together to form a stretch group. For each stretch group, a series of documents is usually chosen; for example, a workstation handout, a wallet fanfold, and a department poster. The number of stretch groups you require will vary based on the number of departments, work environments, and specific job functions that you want to include in your stretch program. We recommend that you start by creating a single stretch group for the one department or work environment that is generating the highest number of RMI-based injuries.

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Stretch and Flex Program Workstation Handout
Stretch and Flex Program Fan Fold
Stretch and Flex Program Poster


How can my stretch documents be customized?

The stretch document formats presented above are the most common stretch formats we have produced in meeting our client’s needs. All the stretch documents that we produce require unique combinations of stretches, environments, and format. Our customization allows for varying design options and a great degree of flexibility in what we can offer:

  • We can produce any size or format you can envision up to a poster.
  • Client-specific branding, logoing, and color schemes are normal.
  • Most document formats can accommodate a variety of features. The features we have listed above are typical for the given format, but can be easily varied.
  • The model chosen to perform the actual stretches can be your employee or an outside model.
  • The attire worn by the model can be any attire you choose, from very generalized to shirts or uniforms provided by your organization.
  • The environment in which stretch photos are taken can be anything from a studio to your work environment.

There are a variety of “stock” stretch materials available in the market. Our experience has shown, however, that the greatest amount of employee buy-in and participation occurs when stretch documents contain as much organizational relevance and familiarity as is possible. If you think that a stretch program will benefit your organization, take it to the next level and make it really count for your employees.


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