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Career Boost - Leadership Development / Team Building Workshop

In today’s business climate, companies have to make the most of their workforce, with less money for more staff or incentives. A time tested method to increasing productivity in the workplace is to offer Leadership Development courses. Investing in your employees now, will enable them and you to benefit from their knowledge, insight and ideas later. At Pelletier & Associates we have worked with organizations to increase productivity utilizing methods which include personality and temperament analysis, communication techniques and self awareness strategies, so that individuals can find their strengths and move forward in their careers. We understand that investing in your workforce is a strategy that can pay off handsomely in the years Team Work to come. Topics covered in these workshops include:

  • Identifying your core work values
  • Communication in the workplace
  • Conflict resolution
  • Career development and leadership strategies
  • Team building

These fun, interactive workshops will offer opportunities for self exploration and self discovery focused on identifying each individual’s strengths and abilities. We incorporate the True Colors® Personality System as a means to assist individuals in finding their work style and realizing the road to their most satisfying career. Pelletier & Associates is focused on assisting people in achieving their highest function in an organization and supporting their path to get there.


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