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Are you a manager or supervisor looking for solutions that address ergonomic issues within the workplace? Our thorough review of risk factors and body mechanics, as well as product recommendations, allows you to become more knowledgeable in identifying ergonomic hazards in your work environment. We provide the know-how to implement solutions that immediately address your issues. With the knowledge you acquire from our manager/supervisor training, you can create a safer work environment and help to prevent Workers’ Compensation claims.

Our Manager/Supervisor training focuses on the information that you need to resolve hazards in your work environment. Along with information on general ergonomics concepts, basic body mechanics and California’s Ergonomic Standard, our training covers the following:Ergonomic Supervisor Training

  • Identifying ergonomic risk factors
  • Prevention of repetitive motion injuries
  • Analysis of work processes
  • Stretches for the workplace
  • Ergonomic equipment adjustments
  • Proper equipment and tool usage
  • Evaluation handouts and checklists
  • Tracking data and metrics on ergonomics

Our training programs are customized to your processes and work environment, in order to provide the most applicable and comprehensive training possible. Contact us today to develop the training that best fits your needs!

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