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As with other public agencies, school districts have a wide variety of personnel to manage. From teachers and administrative staff, to custodians, food service workers and maintenance staff, there are a myriad of unique issues to address in keeping these individuals safe from injury.

In our experience, utilizing consultants who have experience with a wide variety of workers has made our involvement with school districts more successful. From our many years of workers’ compensation experience, we have found that understanding the needs of this population has helped us develop strategies that work within the parameters of this type of public organization. The availability of bilingual consultants on our staff also offers more confidence that certain employees will have the benefit of speaking to an individual in their own language. This ensures the success of recommendations for change that are made to assist the return-to-work process or an ergonomic intervention.

From training to individual workstation assessments, Pelletier & Associates has provided assistance to schools, school districts and a variety of related organizations. We are aware of the limited free time of those who work in a school setting are under, and we focus on delivering quality services without being intrusive. Assisting organizations in following through on their plans for creating safe productive work environments is our goal.


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