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In working with Counties, we at Pelletier & Associates have discovered that the wide ranging nature of county personnel can add significant complicating factors to a disability management program. Oftentimes, Counties are required to provide staff to schools, hospitals, law enforcement agencies, maintenance crews, and landscape projects. The unique requirements of these positions can vary based on the locale. Keeping individuals safe and returning individuals to work in a timely manner is further complicated when you have a geographically wide employment setting, and you have multiple levels of personnel with whom you must deal in order to follow mandated processes.

With our experience in Workers’ Compensation, we have had the opportunity to work with individuals from hundreds of different occupations. This experience has served us well in dealing with the myriad of county employees. Pelletier & Associates focuses on a program level approach to our services. We are always mindful of how best to assist a County move towards self-sufficiency in achieving their desired program objectives.

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Ergonomic Services:
Worksite Evaluation
Worksite Audit
Stretch & Flex Programs Risk Specific Analysis

Employee Ergonomics Awareness

Ergonomics Manager/Supervisor
Ergonomics Train-the-Trainer
Back Injury Prevention
Safe Lifting

Workers' Compensation Services:
Job Analysis
Vocational Rehabilitation
Modified Work Assessment

Productivity Tools for Professionals:
Electronic Reporting Templates
Electronic Surveys and Follow-up Forms
Product List Generator
Remediation Prioritizer



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