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Injury Prevention - Ergonomic Electronic Reporting Templates

You’ve performed your on-site ergonomic evaluation and gathered all the data. Now you’re ready to document your findings and make your recommendations. You regularly encounter a similar set of risk factors (80-20 rule) and recommend products from a standardized product list, occasionally deviating to accommodate unusual situations. Still, evaluation after evaluation, you find yourself retyping recommendations and developing your very own case of carpel tunnel syndrome cutting and pasting from old reports. Checklist

Old School vs. New School

As ergonomic evaluators ourselves, this is one of the largest challenges we face when servicing literally thousands of ergonomic evaluations per year. Our solution has been to develop a set of ergonomic assessment reporting templates. After years of capturing data for numerous clients across a variety of industries and work environments, we decided to put that collective knowledge at our fingertips for ease of use and standardized reporting.

The result is our Electronic Reporting Templates., and the effects have been dramatic within our company. Our reports are now much more standardized, relevant, and comprehensive. Encounters with our clients are more uniform, with more time being spent performing on-site adjustments and giving counsel. Data sets are now collected that support the generation of program metrics, which many of our clients now see as essential. We discovered early on that if you clearly define the assessment report, a process emerges, the natural byproduct of which is more productive and impactful ergonomic interventions… not to mention that the time spent producing reports has been reduced by at least 50%, but more typically 75%!

What can they do?

Our experience has shown that achieving the ultimate goal of reducing repetitive motion injury and increasing productivity is only possible through increased human outreach. While effective in automating processes, technology alone cannot replace the efficacy of a visit from a trained ergonomic specialist. Increase the number of visits and interactions your employees have with a trained ergonomics professional, and you will reduce injuries while at the same time increasing the comfort and productivity of your employees.

Sustaining your ergonomics program

Our reporting templates will allow you to quickly incorporate any or all of the following elements into your reports:

  • Evaluation classification data such as department, job function, risk level, gender, height, weight, etc. This type of information is essential to identify trending
  • Medical and ergonomic evaluation historyReporting Template
  • Risk factors associated with equipment, behavior, or environment
  • Customized notices or narratives
  • Product recommendations with full purchasing information and product links
  • Photographs
  • Open or on-going issues
  • Pain & discomfort levels
  • Risk factor counts across industry standard categories

Supporting the Reporting Templates is an ever-evolving database of products, risk factors, and open issues across dozens of categories, all of which is customizable to your organization. Our database is updated once per quarter with new products and risk factors that we encounter, as well as those you may submit from our website. In this way, all our clients benefit from the experience of others.

If you are responsible for documenting individual ergonomic interventions for your organization, you will find our Reporting Templates are a huge time saver. At Pelletier & Associates, our ergonomic specialists use them for every evaluation we conduct. They are the force multiplier that allows our company to offer among the most relevant, impactful assessments in the industry, at the most competitive rates. They can be the force multiplier that allows you to spend more of your time doing what you do best; namely interacting with your clients and remediating ergonomic problems.

When paired with our Ergo Tracking Tool, our Reporting Templates also form the basis for tracking and reporting your interventions. Another industry first supporting ergonomic professionals, the capabilities of the Ergo Tracking Tool are an essential tool that should be in the ergonomic professional’s day-to-day tool belt.

The Reporting Templates are sold with a reasonably priced configuration service to help you customize and finalize your product, risk factor, and open issue database. We also provide report format customization and customized field checklists to accommodate different types of evaluations (preventative, workers’ compensation, standing, seated, laboratory, etc.) All of these items can be customized with client-specific logoing and branding. Our configuration service will truly make the Reporting Templates a turn key solution from day one.

The Reporting Templates may be purchased separately or as a part of the complete Ergo Toolset.


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