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Do you regularly have a need to generate customized lists of ergonomic products, perhaps for purchasing, department approval, publication to a website, or for interacting with vendors or suppliers? Does your organization have a pre-approved set of ergonomic products that must be used? Products

Whether you are making product recommendations for large or small scale interventions, our Product List Generator is an extremely versatile tool that will allow you to build customized product lists for a variety of purposes. Using a shopping-cart style interface, you will be able customize every aspect of your list.

What does it include?

  • Product List title
  • Which products will appear, and in what order
  • Specify order quantities for each product
  • Inclusion or exclusion of purchasing information
  • Fully specify purchasing information, including vendors, vendor links to products, unique vendor product numbers, and manufacturer links to products

Standard for each product in the report is a product picture along with a full list of features.

How does it work?

Supporting the Product List Generator is an ever-evolving database of products across 25 product categories that can be further customized. Each product can be designated as pre-approved or not, which will help your organization to enforce the use of pre-approved ergonomic products. This database supports our unique product “navigator” and “shopping cart” that will allow you to quickly filter, select, and organize products within your report. Filtering and display can be accomplished by product category, manufacturer, vendor, or product environment.

If you are responsible for or are facilitating a large ergonomics program for your organization, you will find the Product List Generator an indispensible tool to help simplify the day-to-day management of ergonomic products.

The Product List Generator is sold with a reasonably priced configuration service to help you customize and finalize your product database. This one time service will make the Product List Generator a turn key solution from day one.

The Product List Generator may be purchased separately or as a part of the complete Ergo Toolset.


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