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Are you struggling to develop a resume? Is everybody giving you a different perspective on what to do? Many people are searching for assistance after finding themselves without aHanding in a Resume job. Oftentimes, people can become overwhelmed by the decisions needed to be made in creating a resume. If you are looking for guidance on this sometimes difficult task, Pelletier & Associates can assist you! Our reasonable costs, attention to detail and over 25 years experience in career counseling will help you come to the right choice in creating a resume. These services include:

  • One-on-one meetings with Career Development Professionals who will work with you on the development of a dynamic and professional resume for any industry.
  • Creation of an impactful cover letter with guidance on how to personalize your cover letters for the most impact
  • Mock Job Interview with constructive feedback on improvement
  • Telephone follow-up coaching to discuss strategies on revising or making additions to your resume for different career objectives.

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Pelletier & Associates also offers a variety of resources to our clients via our interactive website and website portal.


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