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Injury Prevention - Ergonomics Remediation Prioritizer

You’ve been given a complex ergonomic intervention. Perhaps there are a large number of workstations in a variety of dissimilar environments. You’ve also been given a strict budget that is to be used for remediations and possible countermeasures, or perhaps it is your job to determine exactly what that budget should be. In either case, you will need to convince a manager or department head that your expenditures will be relevant and cost justified.

How does it work?

Pelletier & Associates has developed a methodology for prioritizing remediations that combines the best of both well-established objective criteria and a trained facilitator’s professional consideration. If you’ve been working in the ergonomics or safety industry for any length of time, you have probably been exposed to the cost vs. benefit method of determining which countermeasures should be implemented. If you are new to this methodology, the premise is that any given solution can be rated on two axis, cost and effectiveness. Then, imagine the resulting graph divided into 4 quadrants as follows:

  1. High cost, high effectiveness
  2. High cost, low effectiveness
  3. Low cost, high effectiveness
  4. Low cost, low effectiveness

Obviously, those solutions that fall in quadrant 3 should be given the highest priority to implement. Solutions that fall into quadrant 1 or 4 can be much more difficult to prioritize or to justify implementing. This type of presentation is not new to the industry, but what is typically lacking in execution is an objective means to determine exactly how effective a solution will be. Further, in what order should solutions be implemented, and at what point can it be determined that a solution should not be implemented at all?

Data Plot Graph

Supporting the Product List Generator is an ever-evolving database of products across 25 product categories that can be further customized. Each product can be designated as pre-approved or not, which will help your organization to enforce the use of pre-approved ergonomic products. This database supports our unique product “navigator” and “shopping cart” that will allow you to quickly filter, select, and organize products within your report. Filtering and display can be accomplished by product category, manufacturer, vendor, or product environment.

Our industry-unique methodology allows for the following:

  • The capture and effectiveness rating of all possible remediations
  • The assignment of an accurate cost to each remediation
  • The sequencing of remediations from most important to least important
  • The establishment of a budget threshold, under which prioritized remediations should be implemented, and over which they should not
  • The charting and categorization of remediations based on general categories such as training, equipment purchases, administrative controls, etc.
  • The flexibility to adjust the weighting of a variety of factors that ultimately determine remediation priority

Cost by Job

Cost by Category

Give yourself the flexibility to objectively explore “what if” scenarios, to adjust (or document) your assumptions, and to convincingly make your case. If you are looking to make the greatest degree of impact on a tight budget, our Remediation Prioritizer is the right tool for the job, and it will likely pay for itself after the first use.

The Remediation Prioritizer may be purchased separately or as a part of the complete Ergo Toolset.


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