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With the current state of the economy, and unemployment at double digits throughout California, many Workforce Development organizations find themselves at maximum capacity to provide services to the thousands of individuals in need. Resume development, career planning, vocational assessment, job search techniques and interviewing skills are only some of the services Pelletier & Associates has provided to Workforce Development organizations. With over 20 years experience in vocational counseling, assessment, and placement services to dislocated workers, career transitioners, disabled workers, veterans and others, we have the background to help meet the needs of the agencies that serve our communities and help get people back to work.

Pelletier & Associates has also provided layoff assistance in the form of a Career Transition workshop to employees of companies facing downsizing and restructuring. Our trainers are Certified Total Trainers, having received this certification through the American Society of Training and Development. Workforce DevelopmentOur training experience results in impactful, engaging and motivational training sessions for the populations we serve. Some of the comments from job seekers include:

“Thank you very much for your time and insightful, inspiring and motivational presentation. My quest for re-employment has been energized by what I have drawn from the materials and guidance you provided.”

“Very practical, clear information; excellent training skills. I was encouraged by the feedback and examples.”

“The most valuable part of the workshop was finding out I had more skills than I realized.”

Pelletier & Associates has extensive experience conducting assessments of individual’s academic skills, vocational interests and aptitudes. With extensive counseling and guidance experience, we can deliver training, assessment and counseling services to individuals who are in need of identifying their best path to return to employment.

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