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Injury Prevention Overview

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that injuries in the workplace cost American businesses millions of dollars every year in medical costs, lost time and productivity. This is a major area of concern for organizations, especially in light of the depressed economy. Many employers struggle to determine how to keep their employees safe and productive at work. Injured Employee

At Pelletier & Associates we help organizations in minimizing their workplace injuries and adding value to the company in terms of worker satisfaction and productivity. Our Stretch Programs, Ergonomic Evaluations and Employee Training Programs are focused on keeping employees safe at work. Our Metrics Development and Productivity Tools for Safety Professionals also provide much needed support for Health & Safety Programs in the workplace.

By addressing issues of discomfort in the workplace, employers can prevent more debilitating injuries that occur through repetitive motion activities. By increasing employee comfort, increased productivity is a natural outcome. At Pelletier & Associates, our goal is to help you keep your employees safe and productive at work.

Workplace Injury Rates

Although overall workplace injury rates are declining (largely due to the shrinking workforce), injuries from repetitive motion make up more than 40% of all injuries requiring days away from work. That’s over 1 million workers who are affected by repetitive motion injuries in the workplace. And because repetitive motion injuries are easily preventable, this is a startling fact. Employers who implement ergonomics programs are seeing decreased risks in this area and productivity increases as workers are more comfortable on the job.

Non Fatal Injuries for 2008

With OSHA currently considering a change in injury reporting to include musculoskeletal disorders, the focus is definitely on prevention efforts so that employers don’t get hit with fines in relation to compliance on the topic of ergonomics. Let Pelletier & Associates work with your organization to put together a comprehensive plan focusing on reducing injuries and increasing productivity. From this we can provide you with valuable metric data to continue to gain management support of your health and safety objectives. Our experience spans all categories of industry, including healthcare, laboratory, manufacturing, construction, transportation and office to name a few. With our vast industry knowledge, cutting edge tools and business strategies, Pelletier & Associates can help you solve the problem of workplace injuries.

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