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Injury Prevention - Stretch and Flex Program Overview

AthleteYou may not have thought of it this way, but employees that perform the same tasks day after day are “industrial athletes”. They may not exert the same level of effort as a highly conditioned sports athlete, but over the course of time, lesser but more frequent exertion levels can result in similar injuries. Treating your employees like athletes is a mindset that your employees will appreciate and one that will also reduce injuries in the workplace.

The practice of stretching and warming up in the workplace was first noticed in this country in the 80’s and was satirized in a variety of movies. It turns out, however, that the companies who first introduced this practice to the U.S. workforce were right on the money. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, strains and sprains account for more than 43% of non-fatal occupational injuries. An organization that is attentive and responsive to risk factors that lead to repetitive motion injuries (RMI’s) will employ healthier, more productive employees.

The single, most practical way to help condition our industrial athletes is through the implementation of a targeted stretch program. Stretch and flex programs have been shown to:

  • Raise workers’ energy levels
  • Improve flexibility, strength, range of motion, and blood flow to the muscles
  • Allow workers to mentally and physically prepare for work
  • Interrupt repetitive motion and reduce muscle fatigue

Pelletier & Associates specializes in preventing repetitive workplace injuries through reducing associated risk factors, and combating them when they cannot be eliminated. Let us help you to launch your stretch program. To learn more about our unique approach to creating your stretch program, we invite you explore the links below.

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