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Career Boost - High School Graduate Career Planning Strategy

In Southern California, most of our children attend large public schools with thousands of students and very few career guidance counselors. With budget cuts most schools are focusing their attention on the most in-need students – those in jeopardy of failing. Because of this, many students have not received the attention to career development that they would like or need. At Pelletier & Associates we focus on educating students about careers and finding out their true strengths. With the rising costs of a college education, isn’t this step an important investment in your children’s future?High School Graduate Career Planning

Our services include:

  • In-person Career Guidance
  • Vocational Assessment Tools
  • Personality and Temperament Career Matching
  • Career Path Development
  • Labor Market Research
  • Vocational Skills Training Recommendations

Let Pelletier & Associates help you and your family breathe easier about the education of your children and help put them on the path to a brighter future!


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