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Workers Compensation Overview

Dealing with a Workers’ Compensation claim is aggravating and time-consuming from the perspective of both employer and employee, especially when it comes to fulfilling the conditions of the law. At Pelletier & Associates, we utilize our extensive experience and knowledge to guide you through this complex process. With twenty years of experience, our company brings together an attentive, friendly, and detail-oriented team that is committed to utilizing all possible resources to find the best results available.

Interactive Process and On-Site Job Analysis

With our Interactive Process and On-Site Job Analysis, we focus on identifying the most suitable plan to returning injured workers to the workplace. Our expertise in observation, analysis and documentation of jobs, including input from both the employee and the employer, help to tailor solutions that will suit your company perfectly. During the Interactive Process we work with your company representatives, employees, medical professionals and legal professionals to identify solutions that will ultimately result in a win-win situation for all involved. Working in-depth with our clients is our specialty, and we pride ourselves on working with your company to find a solution that fits.

Vocational Rehabilitation

On an individual level, we provide Vocational Rehabilitation services to those who have been displaced from their places of employment as a result of injury. Diana Pelletier began her career as a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor in 1986, and she continues that work today with the familiarity and understanding that can only come with a great deal of experience and insight. Certification as a Rehabilitation Counselor for the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs is a designation that only the most qualified in the field possess, and Ms. Pelletier has held that distinction for over 15 years.

Entering the job market after an injury can be an intimidating and challenging feat, but our receptive and dedicated staff can help individuals feel prepared and passionate about rediscovering their place on the career track.


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