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Dan Pelletier Ė Principal, Chief Operations Officer

Dan Pelletier is the co-founder and COO of Pelletier & Associates, Inc. Over the course of his career, Dan has been deeply involved in numerous computing technologies, platforms, and paradigms from Mainframe to PC/network, from green screen and fat client to internet-based. With an emphasis on project management, business process flows, software design, and technology integration, Dan brings a unique perspective to managing and simplifying otherwise complex initiatives.

Dan holds a Bachelorís degree in Computer Information Systems and has been working and consulting in the field of Information Technology since 1983 for a wide variety of organizations in industries ranging from manufacturing to technology. Some of the clients he has worked with include Applied Materials, ICN Pharmaceuticals, Carl Karcher Enterprises, Hyundai Motor America, Denso Wireless Systems, and Seagate Technology just to name a few. Dan has also worked in Canada and throughout Europe in a variety of roles ranging from technical support to IT Manager.

In addition to managing internal business operations, Danís primary responsibility at Pelletier & Associates is the development and application of technology to the ergonomic services we provide to our customers. Guided by the principle that technology should follow human interaction, Dan seeks to model the human dynamics and real world facilitation of ergonomics in simple, adaptable and innovative ways. These methodologies are intended to increase person-to-person outreach and to help in providing the justification for organizations to establish sustainable ergonomic policy.

Since officially joining Pelletier & Associates in 2006, Dan has developed a number of stand-alone tools targeted at streamlining the process of conducting day-to-day ergonomic interventions, all of which are used regularly by the Pelletier & Associates staff. Having seen the benefits of these tools, some of our clients have already purchased these tools in their current form, but nearly everybody has requested that they be converted to internet-based applications. In 2010, Dan will begin that conversion process:

  • Ergonomic Tracking Tool (workstation evaluation and remediation process)
  • Ergonomic Reporting Templates (workstation evaluations)
  • Ergonomic Product List Generator (creation of customized product & procurement lists)
  • Ergonomic Worksite Audit Template (large scale group interventions)
  • Ergonomic Remediation Tracker (prioritizing remediations by cost & effectiveness)
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