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Workplace productivity means different things to different people, but at the end of the day both employees and employers must walk the productivity path together. Pelletier & Associates’ focus is to keep employees injury free and productive. That, in turn, allows employers to better deliver their products and services to their customers. At times, injury or unemployment can interrupt this cycle. When that happens, we are here to help get things back on track.


ErgonomicsErgonomic intervention, training, and focus on the bio-mechanics of a job are a very effective means to keep injuries to a minimum and to maximize productivity in the workplace. Our Ergonomic Services include workstation evaluations, worksite audits, and a variety of training all customized to suit your specific needs. A primary focus at Pelletier & Associates, our ergonomics services are second to none and very competitively prices.Ergonomics Program Development

For larger organizations, we offer a range of Ergonomics Program Development products and services. Pelletier & Associates consults in areas such as best practices, integration of technology, developing program metrics, day to day operational tracking and reporting, and process optimization. For Ergonomics Professionals, we offer a line of proprietary Productivity Tools that we use on a daily basis to service our own clients.

Stretch Program

If your organization requires job functions that require excessive amounts of exertion or repetitive motion, we can now help your organization create a customized Stretch & Flex Program. As a part of this service, we conduct risk-specific analysis to determine the ideal stretches for your situation. We deliver the solution with range of customized stretch materials, such as department posters, wallet-sized fan folds, and workstation handouts. We can also help you to get your program established and launched in a very short period.

Career Boost

When a worker becomes unemployed or chooses a career transition, we help to get them retooled and reconnected with the workforce as soon as possible via our Career Boost services. For employers, we offer a variety of career workshops including leadership development. For job seekers, we offer everything from career coaching and counseling to job search preparedness and planning your career strategy.

Workers' Compensation


When the nature of a worker’s employment changes due to injury or disability, we are there to help both employee and employer in returning that employee to a productive working status through our Integrated Disability Management services.

Workforce productivity benefits employees, employers, and our economy in more ways than can be described. Without it, personal goals and business objectives cannot be accomplished. With it, we prosper.

At Pelletier & Associates, it is our mission to offer education, guidance, tools, and support to individuals and organizations in an effort to enhance workforce potential. We offer simple, customized solutions to common events that impede workforce productivity.

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